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Hands-On Development Approach

We thrive on helping companies develop and deploy appropriate software solutions by listening to and understanding our their needs. We work closely with customers during development, getting early and frequent feedback to ensure that we hit the mark every time.

Deploy Software to Any Platform

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Web Application Development

Access your application from anywhere, on any device. Deploy and maintain applications with ease. We do full stack development, and have the tools to craft your web app from the ground up.

We love to help our customers disrupt their industries, and have been able to do so by bringing their products online with web app front-ends.

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Native Application Development

When you need high performance, low-level access, or simply want software to run on the platform your users expect – a native application may be the right option. We develop software for desktop and mobile devices running all major operating systems.

Do you need to deploy software to multiple operating systems or device types, but don’t want the headache of maintaining multiple code bases? We use the Qt application framework to build native, cross-platform applications using a single code base.

Firmware for Embedded Systems

Firmware is where hardware and software meet. Timing, processing power, and memory limitations (among other constraints) all come to bear on embedded software development. Many of our projects involve embedded software development ranging from microprocessor firmware to applications running on real-time operating systems.

Software is a tool we use to create cutting edge technology.


Actually… it is rocket science! We are set apart by our expertise and experience engineering custom algorithms. Our history with algorithms extends to speech recognition, digital signal processing, video and audio processing, genetic optimization of investment portfolios, event correlation, and more. Tell us how custom algorithm development can help you.

User Interface Design

Successful software needs a user interface that is intuitive to navigate, communicates clearly, and provides simple user interaction.  Our software development team works to achieve these in a consistent and intuitive manner.

Interfaces and Custom Communication Protocols

What does your product need to talk to? We write applications that communicate over any physical interface using standard or proprietary communication protocols. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, USB, serial, ultrasonic… we’ve got you covered!

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