We can help at every stage of the development cycle, from cradle to grave. And beyond!

Our expertise in electronic hardware design, manufacturing, software development, mechanical engineering, business, and patents enable us to assist in any phase of the product development cycle – or in all of them.

Always ‘begin with the end in mind’.

We believe that taking the time up front to understand your goals, is critical to helping you achieve them. We invest in understanding on the front end, because we know it creates efficiency throughout the rest of the development cycle.

We always begin the design process with design for manufacturability (DFM) in mind. Our experience with FCC EMI and UL certifications enable us to design to pass from the beginning, eliminating design iterations and saving time and money.

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Robust Device is R & D.

  • Are you looking to develop a new product but aren’t sure it’s possible?
  • Are you are unclear how to navigate the patent landscape?
  • Is your engineering team too busy supporting existing products to do R&D?
  • Do you need help designing your next generation product?
Whether you need research based feasibility studies, patent research, or prototype design, evaluation and testing, our experienced team is ready to assist.


Robust Device is an experienced Engineering Design Service (EDS) provider with a track record of proven success.

At Robust Device we have on-site prototyping capabilities, compressing the development cycle. Now building your prototypes takes days, not weeks!

Our long standing partnerships with local Contract Manufacturers means that we understand volume production. We have a long history of assisting with production support, design upgrades and maintenance.

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At Robust Device we are passionate about solving problems. We excel at team-based engineering design and development and have a culture of challenging ourselves with new ideas and new problems everyday.  We delight in exceeding customer expectations and seeing projects through to completion.  We believe that these elements make us excellent at designing products.