Hardware Services

Robust Device is your hardware solutions provider!

Custom Hardware


From the very beginning Robust Device has specialized in custom hardware design. We have over 15 years experience as an electronics engineering consultancy specializing in circuit design (analog, digital, and RF), signal processing, and algorithms. We know hardware and understand that every application has differing requirements, whether its high volume, low cost, high reliability, or extreme environments, we can help. Our design team uses state of the art design tools, Altium Designer and Solidworks, increasing design efficiency and portability.

Design For Manufacturability

Our close relationship with local Contract Manufacturers means that we have the inside track on design for manufacturability (DFM) and can seamlessly transition a design from prototype to volume production.  Our close proximity means that we can be on-site in minutes. Our long history means we can support designs through the entire product life-cycle.


We have experience designing for the internet of things (IoT) and have developed both hardware and software for cloud connected devices.  We have experience with all common interface technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, POE, wired Ethernet, memory card interfaces, LCD drivers, touchscreens, CAN, LIN, and more.  We have designed battery charging and management systems.  We can design bootloaders to make software updates in the field more convenient and less costly. We believe that our combination of hardware and software expertise gives us the unique ability to be a total solution provider.


We have experience in successfully designing to pass FCC part 15 EMI testing. We have also successfully created a custom design (hardware and software) that passed UL 60730, UL 3456, and UL 1998.

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 Off-The-Shelf Solutions

Our years of industry experience mean that we understand that in some applications development time and cost can be dramatically decreased by using commercial off the shelf (COTS) components and customizing them with specialized software to meet your needs. We can assist in system architecture, component selection, configuration, and software development. In cases where the system architecture is more complex, we can design custom electronics to integrate the COTS components to meet your needs. 

System Integration

We have assisted in large scale system integration. Our technical expertise in both hardware and software, mathematics and science, give us the ability to double check critical specifications and analyze designs.  We have also assisted in designing the critical back plane to provide power and communication to the individual system components. 

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Mechanical Design

Our strategic partnership with Applied Dynamics, a mechanical engineering firm, further extends our hardware capabilities.  We are able to design custom enclosures for electronics.  Our partnerships with sourcing firms allows us to use either local or overseas manufacturing for mechanical prototypes (such as 3-D prints), injection molding, etc. We can also develop electro-mechanical systems and our state of the art design software allows for complete customization and efficient work flow.

Robust Device is located in Northwest Arkansas, and serves client companies both regionally, nationally, and internationally.

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At Robust Device we are passionate about solving problems. We excel at team-based engineering design and development and have a culture of challenging ourselves with new ideas and new problems everyday.  We delight in exceeding customer expectations and seeing projects through to completion.  We believe that these elements make us excellent at designing products.