Company Background

Our company was founded in 2001 by Dr. David Covington as an electronics engineering consultancy specializing in circuit design (analog, digital, and RF), signal processing, and algorithms. Early clients include Wal-Mart Radio (the satellite-based, in-store radio broadcast), Roku Labs, and Lucent.

Since then, we have grown our business to be a full-service electronic product development company, offering our clients world-class services in custom electronics hardware and software development.

Robust Device is located in Northwest Arkansas, and serves client companies both regionally and nationally.

Robust Device’s mission is to make our clients successful
by understanding their goals and market requirements,
and delivering high-quality engineering designs on-schedule and on-budget.

Our Culture

At Robust Device we are passionate about solving problems. We excel at team-based engineering design and development and have a culture of challenging ourselves with new ideas and new problems everyday.  We delight in exceeding customer expectations and seeing projects through to completion.  We believe that these elements make us excellent at designing products.


David Covington, PhD PE
David Covington, PhD PEFounder, President, Engineer
David brings intensity to everything he does and is particularly passionate about understanding the underlying science to every problem. Never satisfied with the status quo, he relentlessly pursues the disruptive solution over the incremental improvement and is well known for coming up with creative solutions to complex problems. David’s background in ham radio and years at Motorola give him a deep understanding of RF.

When David isn’t experimenting in the lab, he enjoys pursuing his other passions – writing and playing music, his family, and mentoring. He is also an accomplished unicyclist.